5 Best Place for Desserts in Jupiter

After some fun at the beach or in the park, dinner out can be an excellent way to end your day. Even more so after a day at work. And a proper way to finish your meal is a tasty dessert, of course. Jupiter offers lots of great choices for sweets, and some of them are in places you wouldn’t automatically think of when seeking out for tasty treats. Read on to learn about five of the best places in town to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Little Moir’s Food Shack

You probably think that any place called “Food Shack” serves up hot dogs and that’s about it. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The owner, Mike Moyers, completed the Chef de Cuisine program at Humber College and traveled extensively to broaden his knowledge of many different cuisines. This resulted in an eclectic mix of food offerings that surprise and delight customers who wander in and who aren’t expecting the delightful taste treats that await them.

This creativity extends to the dessert menu, which includes Chocolate Whosiwhatzit?!?,  a flourless chocolate gluten free cake, Raspberry Key Lime Pie, and S’mores Pie with homemade marshmallows. If you’re craving for something sweet and tasty, this is the place to go.

Address: 103 S US Highway 1, Ste D3, Jupiter, FL 33477-5132
Phone: 561-741-3626
Website: http://www.littlemoirsjupiter.com/food-shack


Coolinary Café

Coolinary Café prides itself on being a small farm-to-table eatery, which means that all the ingredients used are local and fresh. The owner buys locally and grows some of the ingredients himself. His personal motto is: Serve food that is honest, clean, simple, and refined.

What’s amazing about this cafe is the fact that they change their specials menu twice a day. The chef blends European, Asian and Latin cuisine in a fresh and creative way, so that the ever-changing specials are innovative and unique, always offering something new to try and savor.

Two of the dessert offerings are Flourless Chocolate Intensity, which is a delicious flourless chocolate cake, and a carrot cake inspired waffle served with ice cream. If you want to check these, you’ll probably want to make a reservation first. The café is typically packed. Once you try it, you’ll understand why.

Address: 4650 Donald Ross Rd, Donald Ross Village Suite 110, Jupiter, FL 33418-5108
Phone: (561) 249-6760
Website: http://www.coolinarycafe.com/

portobello cucina italiana dessert

Portobello Cucina Italiana

Quiet. Elegant. These are just two of the words customers have used to describe the Portobello Cucina Italiana. The owners strive to create a memorable dining experience for each and every client, and they endeavor to do this through serving up traditional homemade Italian cuisine in a hospitable and friendly atmosphere.

Customers rave about the service and consistently high quality of the food, and the pleasant atmosphere. So what better place to indulge in a tempting dessert?

While we all know about the wonders of Italian cuisine when we think of main dishes, many don’t realize that Italy offers many tempting desserts. Portobello Cucina Italiana serves up several of these, in fact, they have one of the longest dessert menus around.

The dessert menu starts with the Portobello Tours, which is cheesecake and tiramisu served up with berries and whipped cream. If you just want your Italian cheesecake you can have that, or just the tiramisu. Poached Pear, caramel flan, crème Brule are just some of the other fabulous dessert choices Portobello offers.

And that’s just their signature desserts. They have an extensive list of other desserts as well, starting with a gluten-free almond chocolate cake. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you might want to try the Vesuvio, which is a brownie with a cheesecake center, covered in chocolate mousse and chocolate truffle. Or you might be interested in cannoli, gelato, or a fresh fruit sorbet.

Address: 351 S US Highway 1, Jupiter Bay Plaza, Jupiter, FL 33477-5993
Phone: 561-748-3224
Website: http://www.portobellojupiter.com/

the woods jupiter dessert

The Woods

The Woods is owned by Tiger Woods and is not just the average sports bar. Called “one of the classiest places in Jupiter,” it combines a simple but dramatic architecture that creates an enjoyable atmosphere. One customer thought it was more like a 5-star restaurant with screens. Many agree that this upscale sports bar offers great food at fair prices.

The Woods go beyond the average sports bar by providing outstanding and attentive service and a menu with great variety.

And that includes the desserts, too.

The dessert menu is fairly long and includes some treats like s’mores casserole and cheesecake infused with raspberries, key lime cake, and homemade ice cream. There’s also a chocolate stout cake, which is a chocolate cake infused with Chocolate Stout Beer and topped with candied bacon.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the handspun cotton candy. Something for everyone!

Address: Harbourside Place 129 Soundings Ave, Jupiter, FL 33477-5088
Phone: 561-320-9627
Website: http://www.woodsjupiter.com/

calaveras cantina dessert

Calaveras Cantina

When you think of Mexican, do you feel about dessert? Yes, guacamole and tacos come to mind first.

But that’s a mistake. Mexican cuisine has a lot to offer when it comes to dessert, and Calaveras Cantina is a wonderful place to try some out.

The dessert menu starts with churros, those yummy cinnamon, and sugar covered tubes that are somewhat like donuts. Then there’s a Coquito Tostado, which is homemade toasted coconut ice cream sundae with spiced sweet macadamia nuts and fajita sauce. If you want something little more exotic, you could go for the homemade corn ice cream with cinnamon, candied pecans and chocolate sauce. And if you’re having trouble picking from those, they’ve got Tres Leches cake.

With all these yummy dessert options, there’s no need to go far from home to find a great dessert in Jupiter. Whether you want a casual atmosphere, the energy of a sports bar or something more serene, you can find the perfect setting to savor a fabulous treat.

Address: 125 Dockside Circle, Located at Harbourside Place, Juniper, FL
Phone: 561-320-9661
Website: http://calaverascantinas.com/