Best Dishes in Jupiter, Florida

Some locations truly have it. The weather, atmosphere, and landscape are only a few elements that deserve credit while the local businesses deserve the praise. Jupiter, Florida is beautiful in every sense. From the consistent eighty-degree weather and slight ocean breezes punctuated with the smell of salty relaxation to the eateries located in this slice of paradise, Jupiter is as cozy as it is lively and tasty.

Like everywhere else, certain establishments take the prize regarding originality, attention to flavors, and the use of locally sourced ingredients. Of the dozens of Jupiter eateries, seven serve up the greatest dishes for this community town.


The Tuna and Basil Roll served by the Food Shack

Our starter menu includes this local favorite. Fresh tuna is wrapped in a flaky crust that has been accented with hints of garden-fresh basil, finely sliced, and placed on a bed of pineapples and mixed melons. To add further pizzazz to the dish, a serving of sweet chili teriyaki mixes with a freshly made wasabi cream. Do not let the striking features of this recipe fool you; it is full of flavor that will convert every non-seafood lovers to a tastier take on their diet.

Address: Jupiter Square, 103 US-1 D3 in Jupiter, Florida
Phone: (561) 741-3626


The Shack Ceviche served by Hog Snappers Shack and Sushi

The best appetizer of your life might be this shack ceviche. Oysters, shrimp, lobster, clams, crabs, scallops, and squid are paired with tropical favorites, including mangoes, avocados, limes, cilantro, and onions. A drizzle of olive oil takes random portions and melds them together for a delicious raw experience that your stomach and taste buds will continue to demand. Consider pairing it with a craft brew, wine, or specialty cocktail, and you’ll enjoy a complete meal.

Address: 279 United States Highway 1 in Tequesta, Florida 33469;
Phone: (561) 401-9309


The Florida Fish Tacos served by Guanabanas

If authentic Mexican food with a Floridian twist is what you desire for lunch or dinner, you must head to Guanabanas for their Florida fish tacos. Fresh, caught daily fish is perfectly seasoned and fried before making it to a fresh corn tortilla that is served warm. To add further freshness and unforgettable flavor to the dish, a cabbage slaw pairs with salsa verde and gooey queso Blanco placed over the fish. Each order comes to a la carte, which means two tacos make a set. If you cannot walk away with only two, the friendly staff will kindly help you with that.

Address: 960 North Highway A1A in Jupiter, Florida
Phone: (561) 747-8878


The Killer Chili Dog served by the Dune Dog Cafe

Local favorites in Florida are diverse, this being a factor that only adds to the charm. At Dune Dog’s, the house favorite tends to be, as you guess it, the hot dogs. Of course, the homemade chili is also hard to resist, so the owners decided to pair their staples together. The Killer Chili Dog is a foot long hot dog drenched in chili and paired with fresh onions, scallions, and plenty of freshly grated cheese.

Address: 775 North Alternate A1A, Jupiter, Florida
Phone: (561) 744-6667

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The Chunky Ginger Chicken served by the Lazy Loggerhead Cafe

This dish that comes prepared in a multitude of ways, but the favorite is a cold sandwich. Fresh from the grill, marinated chicken is finely shredded, dressed in light mayonnaise, ginger-soy dressing, and is combined with cucumbers and finely shredded carrots. Placed on fresh bread, the sandwich is visually stunning and slightly intimidating. However and for those who need a few sides, the dish also includes hand cut fries, house made coleslaw, tomatoes, and a pickle.

Address: Carlin Park, 6 Van Kessel Parkway in Jupiter, Florida
Phone: (561) 747-1134


The Maine Lobster Roll served by the Dive Bar Restaurant

New Englanders, you can get amazing seafood outside of your comfort zone. The Dive Bar is paying homage to Maine with this local hot spot. Big chunks of fresh Maine lobster are classically dressed after being grilled and are then served on a lightly griddled roll. Though the choice is hard, this dish can be paired with American fries, Caribbean rice, or coleslaw.

Address: 318 South United States Highway 1 in Jupiter, Florida
Phone: (561) 747-4767


The Smoked Ribs served by Mrs. Smokey’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q

However you choose to eat these ribs, you will not be disappointed. A house rub occupies every crevice of the meat and is slowly cooked for hours on end, around the clock. Usually served with two homemade sides, this barbecue joint is as authentic as it is zany, friendly, and the second home to many.

Address: Abacoa Plaza, 5430 Military Trail in Jupiter, Florida
Phone: (561) 557-3800

Conclusively, there is much to love about Jupiter. Often, people forget where they are from and drive by places each day for years without stopping to sample the local fare. These eateries do not serve up typical meals; they serve up Florida. With the reputations to boast of, these establishments are designed for locals, but they are more than willing to serve up to those visiting the Sunshine State.