How to Escape a Rip Current


It’s a frightening scenario. One minute, you’re splashing in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic – the next, you’re being carried away against your will. And no matter how hard you try to fight it, your strength is no match for the swiftly moving current. Rip currents are a real danger here in South Florida,… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Manatees

Sea cows. Mermaids. Gentle giants. Whatever name you call them by, manatees are amazing animals  and we’re lucky to share our waters with them here in Jupiter. But how well do you know these calm, lumbering creatures? Let’s find out: Spotting a manatee Manatees are aquatic mammals. They are unique in that there are only… Read more »

6 Best Beach-Inspired Drinks for Jupiter, Florida

6 Best Beach-Inspired Drinks The Northeast may be buried in a blanket of snow right now — but as we all know, in South Florida, it’s always beach season. Aside from the occasional cold front, the weather is perfect for a stroll in the sand. (Sorry, northerners. It’s the truth.) It’s also perfect for hanging out with… Read more »