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Love Street Plans to Cut Back Development in Jupiter

Jupiter of Palm Beach County, Florida has a population of about 61,000 people. Incorporated in 1925, Jupiter has been inhabited for perhaps thousands of years. While today it is now the home of many American beach-goers, it was once within the traditional territory of the Hobe people, a tribe indigenous to the coastal Florida area…. Read more »

The Next Jupiter Mayor, Dr. Keats Soder

I recently had the privilege to speak to Dr. Keats Soder and why he wants to run for Mayor. I was happy to hear his thoughts and how he would like to preserve our wonderful town by not making hasty decisions for corporate interest, protect our natural wildlife, and taking into consideration what the locals… Read more »

Why I Will Not Vote for Todd R. Wodraska for Jupiter Mayor

Friends, family, and colleagues I urge you to take into consideration what is happening in our town of Jupiter, Florida. This is an election year, so you must get out to vote. Especially, if you have never voted in a local election. I started this page as a community page for people who love this… Read more »