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Fundraisers for Jupiter Florida Fans starting April

Jupiter Florida Fans can choose a restaurant in Jupiter to host a fundraiser for dates starting April 12th. On the day of the fundraiser, simply enjoy your dinner with supporters, staff, and friends, where 15 of the sales will be donated to Jupiter Florida Fans. View Available Dates for Restaurants in Jupiter

5 Cafes To Grab Dinner After a Long Work Day

Dune Dog

We all have that moment when we’re simply too tired to whip up a decent meal after a long day at work. A convenient and attractive solution would be to call a fast food chain and get something delivered. But if you’re craving for a satisfying bite and a relaxing ambiance, head out to one… Read more »

Must Try Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Jupiter

Duffys Sports Grill

As you travel to Jupiter Florida either for a quick weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation, you may want to keep your eyes out for a few restaurants that are a little more affordable. But don’t fret, saving on some of your meals doesn’t have to mean bland and forgettable food. Here’s a rundown of… Read more »

Best Dishes in Jupiter, Florida

Some locations truly have it. The weather, atmosphere, and landscape are only a few elements that deserve credit while the local businesses deserve the praise. Jupiter, Florida is beautiful in every sense. From the consistent eighty-degree weather and slight ocean breezes punctuated with the smell of salty relaxation to the eateries located in this slice… Read more »

Fine 24-7 Destinations in Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter, Florida is a laid-back seaside town that’s located in Palm Beach County. It’s a little less than an hour and a half away from the heart of Miami. The city’s most notable attractions include the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, the Palm Beach International Raceway and beautiful Riverbend Park. Night owls in this town should… Read more »

5 Best Place for Desserts in Jupiter

After some fun at the beach or in the park, dinner out can be an excellent way to end your day. Even more so after a day at work. And a proper way to finish your meal is a tasty dessert, of course. Jupiter offers lots of great choices for sweets, and some of them… Read more »

Where you can eat the best burgers in Jupiter, Florida

If you were to talk about food with members of our community in Jupiter, Florida, you would probably learn that, since we enjoy a tasty meal, we are regulars at restaurants that serve the best dishes. If you’re starved after paddling or swimming, want to grab a quick meal after a long beach walk or… Read more »

5 Animal-Friendly Restaurants in Jupiter, Florida

It’s already a known fact that Jupiter, Florida is the place for families. With miles of pristine beaches, shopping stores and restaurants, not to mention great schools for children, it’s no wonder that Jupiter remains one of the best cities to live in. If you go for a walk, it’s a common sight to see… Read more »