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6 Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes

They’re annoying, they transmit diseases and in South Florida during summertime, they seem almost inescapable. Mosquitoes are a pain, but there are ways to prevent these pesky pests from feasting on you – without having to spray your skin with chemical repellents. Try these 6 tips to keep mosquitoes from attacking: 1. Wear bright, lightly colored clothing. Not… Read more »

5 Ways You Can Protect Jupiter Sea Turtles

It’s that time of year again.. sea turtle nesting season! Female sea turtles will come ashore to lay several nests full of eggs, which will incubate and hatch in approximately 60 days. The season officially ends in August, but hatchlings have been known to emerge as late as October. According to data collected in 2012, the… Read more »

Get to Know Loggerhead Marinelife Center

What began as a bit of research to satisfy one Juno Beach resident’s curiosity about turtle hatchlings has since turned into one of the area’s largest and most well-known marine research and education centers. More than three decades ago, Eleanor Fletcher’s proverbial digging led to the discovery that sea turtle hatchlings were facing dangers caused… Read more »

Shark Addicts – Lemon Shark Madness

Jupiter Florida Fans’ Cameron Nimmo & Mickey Smith diving with Randy Jordan and Emerald Charters on February 02, 2014 and conditions were great. Top to bottom viz and sharks everywhere. Shot by myself, Mickey Smith, and Cameron Nimmo with GoPro cameras.

Everything You Need to Know About Manatees

Sea cows. Mermaids. Gentle giants. Whatever name you call them by, manatees are amazing animals  and we’re lucky to share our waters with them here in Jupiter. But how well do you know these calm, lumbering creatures? Let’s find out: Spotting a manatee Manatees are aquatic mammals. They are unique in that there are only… Read more »