Jupiter Police Station

How the City of Jupiter, FL Boosted Property Values by Almost Ten Percent in Less Than Four Years

Jupiter residents have a chance to beautify the neighborhood and play a part in what projects get the most attention with a matching grant from the city. Every year, the city budget calls for $50,000 to go into a fund for any neighborhood that wishes to match the money and repair items like streetlights or pet parks. The best part is that each area can receive funds every three years. This year, record application rates meant that all of the funding was put to use for the first time in the history of the matching plan.

City upgrades are adding equity with beautification projects

Homeowner’s Associations and neighborhood councils in Florida are getting approval for pet waste stations to keep animal excrement from littering city parks and front yards. New landscaping is making the community a prettier place to live. The biggest advantages of the upgrades are the additional equity for properties in neighborhoods where funds help replenish mulch, renew flowerbeds, and add new trees.

Other areas where the city is upgrading

  • Lining walkways
  • Updating entrance signs
  • Adding new flowers to community buildings and parks
  • Installing, painting, or replacing mailboxes
  • Adding lights to dark areas of the city

Keeping Jupiter safe and secure

Besides making the town’s neighborhoods brighter, Jupiter is installing many security lights in and around the city center. A 20 million dollar project to revamp the police station will ensure a hurricane-safe location that lets the police monitor the community and remain safe. An enormous relief is that a new data center next to the station will securely house evidence, case files, and prisoner records. A veteran’s memorial is going into place on the same site providing a beautiful place to commemorate the nation’s soldiers. New security lamps and cameras in the Tierra Del Sol neighborhood boost property values by securing the area.

More improvements will include a nearly 50,000 square foot town hall. A parking garage will provide more space for city guests and workers to park when in town. There will be additional parking set aside for school buses as well. A new athletics building will give students a more spacious building for events and practice. With the current gains in property values, the new additions are sure to add even more equity to this Florida community.