Love and Dinning at the Dive Bar in Jupiter, Florida

When it comes to good dining, the wait in this town can be a bit of a pain. When you are out with little ones it can be even more difficult, especially during the holiday season. I recently ventured out with my wife and daughter. We tried Guanabanas at 7:00 p.m. and it was packed with a 2 hour wait. We stayed for a drink and made a plan of action.

My buddy Steve was at Ocean magic and said the Food Shack was not busy yet. We decided to head over there 30 minutes later and when we got there it was packed as well. We looked at each other and both said “Outback I guess” and then right ever we both said “No”. Then it dawned on me and I said “What about the Dive Bar”. We headed over there and it was even more packed.

We were really bummed at this point and were ready to go home when Dimitri the manager saw us and started a conversation and I explained our evening and said we have a table right here waiting for you both and your daughter. It was a wonderful meal and excellent service all around. We shared the Shrimp Cocktail, Fish Dip and a Spider roll. I personally ate a dozen of the Malpeque Oysters which was delicious.

Here are some things that made the Dive Bar Special for me.

  1. Awesome Fish Tank at the bar which is complimented by a beautiful view of the intercoastal waterway.
  2. Great service from start to finish.
  3. Drinks are made well!
  4. You have a wide selection of seafood including sushi and a raw bar.
  5. Dimitri.

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