The Next Jupiter Mayor, Dr. Keats Soder


I recently had the privilege to speak to Dr. Keats Soder and why he wants to run for Mayor. I was happy to hear his thoughts and how he would like to preserve our wonderful town by not making hasty decisions for corporate interest, protect our natural wildlife, and taking into consideration what the locals feel is precious about Jupiter. I believe Dr. Keats will represent the people of this town in a way that will have compassion and is open to hearing everyone’s opinions. This is more than can be said about is opponent Todd R. Wodraska.

Here is a little bit about Dr. Keats Soder

  1. A Retired engineer/scientist
  2. Volunteering his time for the local community
  3. Supports small business with less control.
  4. Financial conservative
  5. No financial contributions accepted.
  6. Term limits for council members.


Dr. Keats Soder’s Resume