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Who does busy good for dining in Jupiter, Florida Poll?

There is a joke that is often said while waiting in a line to get a table in Jupiter, which is “There should be a separate line for locals.” I do not disagree. I love eating out with the family and we often go to several different restaurants. This is not because I want to try new things and I am not a creature of habit but more because some of the wait times in season are hopeless. Some places are honest in their wait times and some just simply say the same time to everyone.

What happened to the idea of reservations. I know it is a little more work for an establishment, but maybe places can do reservations for only one hour of the night and take them up to 2 days prior. Just throwing ideas out there.

So for our next poll. I would like to do “Who does busy good for dining in Jupiter, Florida Poll.”

I picked some of the most packed places on the weekend. Yes, there are more, but we cannot do them all.

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Results – 1/31/2014