Why I Will Not Vote for Todd R. Wodraska for Jupiter Mayor

Friends, family, and colleagues I urge you to take into consideration what is happening in our town of Jupiter, Florida. This is an election year, so you must get out to vote. Especially, if you have never voted in a local election. I started this page as a community page for people who love this town, who miss it, and who want to preserve it.

I have watched big development companies come in and dismantle the natural beauty and charm which makes this our home great. To me, Jupiter is more than just a town; it is where my life feels whole. It is perfect the way it is.

For many middle-class families, living here is becoming impossible.  The average home value has increased significantly recently. Many of my friends, who I grew up with, were forced to move to Hobe Sound, Stuart, and Port St. Lucie to capture what is left of that small town feel that is disappearing on the East Coast.

I used to be able to go anywhere and see someone I know. It could be a person working at a store, restaurant, beach, etc. Those days are gone, but I want to do my part in preserving our small town community.

This brings me to why I will not vote for more of the same which is Todd R. Wodraska. He was the first candidate I called last week to ask what they wanted to do with Jupiter.

What he told me can be summed up in a few bullet points:

1. People in Jupiter are uneducated in property rights.
2. I do not want to have a conversation on over development if you cannot even get the names of the development project right. I asked about “Funky Fish Village” instead of the “Love Street Project”.
3. He did not want to comment on over parking or if they will be adding a parking garage.
4. Last but not least he called the Facebook user voicing their concerns all “Trolls”.

His mention of “Trolls” was the best comment because I brought up an excellent advocate for Jupiter, “William Kimball” which I said happens to be one of the most vocal and probably the most amiable one. I asked Wodraska if he thinks Kimball is a troll as well. It was at that point I believe he realized the mistake of his comment, and our conversation was over.

Not only did I find him very uncompassionate when talking about Jupiter in general, I found him showing no compassion for the Sunny Sands Community or people of this town. He speaks as if he is above you.

So I did a little more digging on Todd. I had never heard him speak, so thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt. However, what I have found is that I am not the only one who received the cold shoulder and the smack in the face when I voiced my concerns to him.

Please see below:

See Video: https://www.facebook.com/SaveJupiterFL/videos/1011303328931347/?pnref=story


Since TODD WODRASKA DECLINED to post a video to our facebook page, we decided to post our video of him at the December 15th town council meeting. This video shows Todd Wodraska blurting out that he was MISERABLE after listening to the comments of concerned citizens that were speaking out about the Love St. project. He also told Ilan Kauffer to “SUCK IT UP” after Ilan said he would have liked to ask the developer some questions. This is par for the course for Todd. Over the months that we have been actively involved with this, we have seen Todd belittle the citizens that have gone to the meetings as well as his colleagues. TODD WODRASKA IS THE ONE SINGLE PERSON THAT ALL OF US HAVE AGREED UPON NOT TO VOTE FOR IN THIS ELECTION. Todd has been a very easy person to read and wears his disgust quite openly for all to see. We think that now that he is aware that he is being recorded he has tried to clean up his act a little. But we are sure that sooner or later his true colors will come through again. By the way Todd, we have a new campaign slogan for you. HI I AM TODD WODRASKA. I AM MISERABLE AND I WANT TO BE YOUR MAYOR.

Posted by Save Jupiter, FL on Thursday, February 25, 2016

In my opinion, he seems like a typical Washington politician, who loves his seat but forgot who put him there. He is not in the service of representing the people, just himself.

My second call went to Dr. Keat Soder and I was pleasantly surprised with what he had to say and his plans. I am going to speak with him this week and will provide more info soon.